3D Printing Filament

Jinwo Machinery 3D printer filament extrusion line is suitable for normal temperature materials such as ABS/PLA/HIPS/PETG/NYLON/PC, etc, and also suitable for high-temperature materials such as PEEK/PEI/carbon fiber, etc.

The 3D printing filament extrusion production line includes a high precision extruder, high-quality alloy steel mold, constant temperature water tank, servo haul-off machine, horizontal storage accumulator, and servo neat winding machine.


Production Process

Mixing -> Hopper dryer -> Extruder -> Mould -> Hot Water Tank (Forming) -> Cooling Water Tank (Cooling) -> Laser Gauge (to measure diameter) -> Traction Machine -> Accumulator (Storage wire) -> Winding Machine (Automatically winding)

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