Cable Material

Jinwo twin screw co-rotating extruder machine is suitable for cable material compounding which is particularly sensitive to thermal and mechanical stress. In this area, we have developed a skilled technology for the production of some types of compounds, such as silane cross-linked cable material compounding, Halogen-Free” compounds (HFRR), etc.


The cable material compounding could be divided into 4 parts below

1. PVC cable material pelletizing line

PVC has been used for cable insulation since 1930, originally as areplacement for rubber. Due to their relatively high dielectric strength, soft PVC cable insulation compounds are used at AC voltages of up to 10kV.


2. Silane cross-linked cable material pelletizing line

Silanecross-linkable cable compounds are also known as PEX-b or Sioplas®, which can be used at significantly higher operating temperatures, is mechanically stronger, more resistant to organic liquids, and enables thinner wall thicknesses.


3. HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) cable material pelletizing line

Flame retardant, halogen-free cross-linked cable material is a new type of environmental protection cable material that emerged in recent years after people enhanced their awareness of environmental protection.


4. Crosslinkable Polyethylene (XLPE) Cable Material Pelletizing

Polyethylene has been and still is used as a cable insulant, but, as a thermoplastic material, its applications are limited by thermal constraints. Crosslinking improves the elevated-temperature properties of the base polymer.

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