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Jiangsu Jinwo Machinery Co., Ltd started the company by fabricating heaters in the 1980s, and we participated in the manufacturing of the first Chinese twin screw extruder. After that, Jinwo chairman saw huge opportunities in these equipments and began to build a professional team. In 2007, Jinwo Machinery opened a new chapter. We decided to branch out into plastic extruders.

Until now, Jinwo has a complete modern processing technology system, nearly 50 sets of high-precision professional processing machine tools such as advanced professional thread CNC grinder, CNC machining center workshop, CNC profile grinder, and other high-precision professional processing machine tools.

At present, Jiangsu Jinwo Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech limited company engaged in the manufacturing of polymer material processing equipment. In 2023, the number of Jinwo employees is more than 120 with an annual output of 150-300 sets.

Since 2007, we have installed more than 1,500 sets of extruder systems worldwide, covering plastic, textile, auto, and other industries. We can provide door-to-door installation, commissioning, and after-sales service for users all over the world. It is not limited by geographical location and national nationalities. It is committed to promoting the technology and application of twin screw extrusion in China all over the world.

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