Engineering Plastic

Engineering plastic (such as PA, PC, ABS, PET, PPS, PEEK, etc.) is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, transportation, aerospace manufacturing, national defense, and military industry, etc. Therefore, engineering plastic compounding is a main application of twin screw extruders. Jinwo engineering plastic compounding extruder line can improve the performance of machines and increases the output.

The Basic Formula

General Engineering Plastic Advanced Engineering Plastic Additives
PA6, PA66, PA46, PPA PBI Glass fiber
ABS PAI Carbon fiber
POM-C, POM-H PEEK Flame retardant
PET PPS UV stabilizer
PC PEI An-ti oxidant
PBT PSU Anti-static
PE-(U)HMW PVDF Color pigment


Material Characteristic Application
PA *corrosion resistance *oil resistance *heat resistance *high modulus *mechanical parts *wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts *driving parts *chemicals *electrical appliances *instruments
ABS *rigidity *chemical resistance *heat resistance *appearance and dimensional stability *cold and impact resistance *mechanical parts *wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts *driving parts *telecommunications parts
POM *high strength *high stiffness *good wear reduction *wear resistance *low water absorption *good dimensional stability *wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts *driving parts *chemical industry *instrumentation
PC *high impact strength *good dimensional stability *good colorability *good electrical insulation *corrosion resistance *wear resistance *intrument parts *insulating transparent parts  *impact-resistant parts
PET *high tensile strength *high stiffness and hardness *certain flexibility, *good wear resistance *good creep resistance *excellent electrical insulation *excellent weather resistance *good chemical stability *thin films and photosensitive films *packaging for food, medicine, textiles, precision instruments, electrical components *electrical insulation materials, such as wires, switches, electrical casings
PBT *better flexibility than PET *excellent electrical insulation *good weather resistance *resist the corrosion of general chemicals *automobile parts: door handles, bumpers, rearview mirror casings *electronic and electrical parts: connectors, sockets, plugs, fuse boxes *electrical appliance casings and components: telephones/indoor and outdoor lighting appliance casings, hair dryer components
PE-(U)HMW *high molecular weight *excellent impact resistance, wear resistance *self-lubrication *chemical corrosion resistance *excellent low temperature resistance *electrical insulation, *low water absorption *physiological inertness *excellent stress crack resistance *creep resistance *fatigue resistance *machinery *transportation *textiles *papermaking, *mining *agriculture *chemical industry *sports equipment *large packaging containers

Technical Specifications of Extruder

JWP Series Twin Screw Extruders

Model Diameter (mm) L/D Speed (rmp) Motor (kw) Output (kg/h)
JWP-40 41 28-64 600 30 50-120
JWP-50 50.5 28-64 500/600 55/75 150-180
JWP-65 62.4 28-64 500/600 90/110 200-400
JWP-75 71 28-64 500/600 132/160 330-660
JWP-95 93 28-64 500/600 315/355 750-1580
JWP-135 133 28-64 400/500 550/750 2200-3800

JWP High Torque Twin Screw Extruders

Model Diameter (mm) L/D Speed (rmp) Motor (kw) Output (kg/h)
JWP-35D 35.6 28-64 600 30 50-90
800 37 60-110
JWP-50D 50.5 28-64 600 90 200-300
800 110 300-450
JWP-65D 62.4 28-64 600 160 400-660
800 200 500-800
JWP-75D 71 28-64 600 250 800-1300
800 315 700-1300
JWP-95D 93 28-64 600 450 1300-2300
800 550 1600-2800


Advantages of Our Twin Screw Extruder

Cooperation Case

Engineering Plastic

Country: China

Model: JWP-135

Material: PE-(U)HMW

Engineering Plastic

Country: Korea

Model: JWP-65

Material: PC+ABS

Country: China

Model: JWP-35

Mateial: PEEK+Carbon Fiber

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