High Torque Twin Screw Extruder-JWP-35D

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   high torque twin screw extruder


JWP-35D is our high torque twin screw compounding extruder. It has the characteristic of high torque, high capacity and high performance. Imported gear box is optional, which can further improve the performance of extruders to meet more customers’ requirements.




Technical Specifications:

Item High Torque Twin Screw Extruder
Output 50-110 kg/h
Size 3200 x 1000 x 1750 mm
Weight 2000 kg
Screw Type Twin Screw Extruder
Co-rotating Parallel
Screw Material W6Mo5Cr4V2


Screw L/D 28 – 64:1
Screw Diamater 35.6 mm
Screw Speed 600 rmp/800 rmp
Core Shaft Material 40CrMoTi

Motor Power

30 Kw
37 Kw



1. The high torque twin screw extruder machine can further reduce production costs

If the high torque plastic extruder machine is ideal for your material, it will provide you with higher output than the same size traditional co-rotating twin-screw.

2. The high torque twin screw extruder machine is more convenient to maintain

The quality-assured high torque screw extruder machine will be designed with concern of maintenance issues. Its machine compartment can be opened directly and conveniently so that we can quickly detect the degree of wear of barrel liners, internal threaded elements, and other components. This design can greatly reduce the production stalls caused by the wear and tear of the machine in the factory. And it is also helpful to the improvement of the pre-mixing and later production efficiency of chemical enterprises.

3. The high torque twin screw extruder machine has a wide range of applications

The wide application range is also one of the outstanding advantages of high torque twin screw plastic extruder machine, which can realize the production of PE, PP, PVC and other plastic materials, while maintaining a very high production yield rate.

4. The high torque twin screw extruder can use D-type high-torque gearbox.

Compared to other normal gearboxes, the high-torque gearbox has enhanced torque and production capacity. The high-torque output is 1.5 times higher than the traditional model.

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