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Since its establishment in 2007, Jinwo has been devoted to the development and manufacture of small laboratory twin screw extruders. We introduced JWP-20 with a diameter of 22mm. The model of our laboratory extruder for sale is specially designed for universities, scientific research institutes, and R&D departments of enterprises. Our JWP-20 laboratory twin screw extruder fully meets the tasks of teaching, formulation R&D, proofing, and small-batch production.




Technical Specifications:

Model JWP-20
Output 5-10 kg/h
Size 2000x650x1700 mm
Weight 1 Ton
Screw Diamater 22 mm
Screw Speed 60-600 rmp
Screw L/D 44:1
Motor Power 5.5 Kw



1. Movable base. The whole lab twin screw extruder is supported by four strong universal wheels. Only one person can easily use mobile devices.

2. “Building block” design. Customers can flexibly combine the ideal structure of screw elements according to the technological requirements of material varieties.

3. R&D equipment: JWP-20 Lab extruder can realize new product research and development to small batch proofing.

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