Lab Extruder-JWP-35


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lab extruder  lab extruder

lab extruder  lab extruder

lab extruder   lab extruder

lab extruder   lab extruder



JWP-35 lab plastic twin-screw extruders are very competitive equipment model in the research and development of polymer plastics, which which will greatly reduce the consume of raw material in the production process.




Technical Specifications:

Output 50-80 kg/h
Size 3200 x 1000 x 1750 mm
Weight 2000 kg
Screw Type Twin Screw Extruder
Co-rotating Parallel
Screw Material W6Mo5Cr4V2


Screw L/D 40:1,   44:1,  48:1,  52:1,  56:1,   60:1
Screw Diamater 35.6 mm
Screw Speed 600 rmp
Core Shaft Material 40CrMoTi
Motor Power 18.5 Kw
22 Kw



1. Movable base. The whole lab twin screw extruder is supported by four strong universal wheels. Only one person can easily use mobile devices.

2. “Building block” design.Customers can flexibly combine the ideal structure of screw elements according to the technological requirements of material varieties.

3. R&D equipment: JWP-35 Lab extruder can realize new product research and development to small batch proofing.

4. Higher output than JWP-20.

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