Twin Screw Extruder-JWP-40

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lab extruder  lab extruder

lab extruder  lab extruder



JWP-40 plastic twin screw extruder machine that can be used in engineering plastics, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, blending modification, and other industries. Equipped with variable types of heads, dies and auxiliary machines.


Technical Specifications:

Model Diameter (mm) L/D Speed






JWP-40 41 28-64 600 30 50-120



1. Self-cleaning function: The co-rotating twin-screw extruder has an excellent self-cleaning function.

2. “Building block” design. Customers can flexibly combine the ideal structure of screw elements according to the technological requirements of material varieties.

3. Remarkable mixing capability: A broad diversity of specialized screw designs allows the twin screw extruder to do precise and accurate shearing/mixing.

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