Twin Screw Extruder-JWP-65

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JWP-65 plastic twin screw extruders can be used for making filler/color masterbatch, engineering plastic, thermoplastic elastomers, biodegradable plastic, PVC compounding and other special applications. Jinwo Machinery is an excellent supplier who mainly supplies twin screw extruders, any questions, welcome to contact us!


Technical Specifications:

Item Jinwo JWP-65 Twin Screw Extruder
Output 300-500 kg/h
Size 5000 x 1100 x 1500 mm
Weight 3400 kg
Screw Type Twin Screw Extruder
Co-rotating Parallel
Screw Material W6Mo5Cr4V2
Screw L/D 32:1 – 64:1
Screw Diamater 62.4 mm
Screw Speed 60 rmp – 600 rmp
Core Shaft Material 40CrMoTi
Motor Power 90-160Kw



Easy To Observe
• The co-rotating twin-screw extruder is easy to open, so you can observe the degree of wear of threaded elements, barrel lining and other parts anytime, so that you can replace them in time and effectively to avoid wasting products due to parts damage.

Processing Flexibility
• Multiple processing functions such as melting, mixing, venting, reacting, etc. can be handled flexibly on one co-rotating twin-screw extruder machine.

Controllability Of Process Parameters
• The co-rotating twin-screw extruder has a narrow residence time distribution, better convective heat transfer, and a precisely controlled temperature profile. Thus, better product quality stability can be achieved.

Energy Saving
• Usually, after the screw temperature is reached, the temperature of the mold has not yet reached the inevitable target, so in this case, people usually keep the screw warm and then gradually raise the temperature of the mold to the set temperature before starting the machine, which is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving.

Self-Cleaning Function
• The co-rotating twin-screw extruder has an excellent self-cleaning function. And the residence time of material is very short, not easy to produce local degradation and deterioration.

High Yield & High Quality
• Compared with single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders perform better in solid and melt transport of materials, and the mixing of materials is more adequate due to the combined operation of twin-screws. Therefore, it has the advantages of high output, good quality and high efficiency.

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