Twin Screw Extruder-JWP-75

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JWP-75 Co-rotating twin screw compounding extruder is composed of two screws, barrel, temperature control device, motor, etc. The machine can be manufactured with multiple feeding and vacuum or non vacuum devolatilization ports on the body.


Technical Specifications:

Item Jinwo JWP-75 Twin Screw Extruder
Output 330-660 kg/h
Size 6500 x 1000 x 2300 mm
Weight 5000 kg
Screw Type Twin Screw Extruder
Co-rotating Parallel
Screw Material W6Mo5Cr4V2
Screw L/D 32:1 – 64:1
Screw Diamater 71 mm
Screw Speed 600 rmp
Core Shaft Material 40CrMoTi
Motor Power 160



1. More consistency in production and control of product quality

2. Increased productivity due to continuous processing, faster start up and shut down

3. between product changes, quick changeover and advanced automation

4. Greater flexibility, with the capability to process a wide range of raw materials

5. Optimized footprint thanks to energy and water savings

6. Simple and easy to maintain and clean

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