sheet extrusion line

A plastic sheet extrusion machine takes raw plastic, melts it down, and feeds it through a flat-sheet die. Different screw designs and mechanical configurations are used to realize adjustable product width and thickness. It is suitable for the production of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other plastic sheets. Plastic sheets are also widely used in industry, commerce, construction, etc.

Jinwo Machinery offers customized complete sheet extrusion lines for top performance, reduced energy consumption, and material savings. Bring us your idea and we’ll deliver the solution.

Types of sheet extrusion line


Sheet Extrusion Line


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Cooperation Case

PP / PE Sheet Extrusion Line

Country: Korea

Width: 400~2400mm

Thickness: 0.2~20mm

According to requirements, the extrusion line can manufacture products with high strength, high toughness, high hardness, flame retardant, carving, frosting.

Plastic Track Extrusion Line

Country: China

Width: 1240-2400mm

Thickness: 8-14mm

This plastic sheet extrusion line adopts twin screw extruder+metering pump to extrude directly and a fully automatic mixing system. It can produce sports prefabricated rubber runways according to different process requirements. The pattern can be customized according to requirements as well.

ASA Film Extrusion Line

Country: Japan

Jinwo ASA thin film production line can achieve online thermal recombination at the same time, with uniform thickness, no color difference, and high bond strength. This ASA Film Extrusion Line overcomes the problem of chromatic aberration existing in traditional co-extrusion ASA composite and saves raw material costs.

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