Twin screw extruder

Jinwo Machinery is a professional twin screw extruder manufacturer in China. Our double screw extrusion lines have been widely used in plastics, chemicals, auto and texile industry. We supply turn-key solutions to your compounding projects. During 16 years, we have exported co-rotating twin screw extruder with CE, ISO more than 30 contuntries. If you are looking for China-made twin screw extruder with good quality and price, Jinwo Machinery will be a nice choice.

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Application of twin screw extruder

Twin Screw Extruder

Color Masterbatch

Color masterbatch compounding is one of the main applications for twin screw extruder.

Jinwo ro-rotating twin screw extruder machine is suitable for Mono color masterbatch, Tailor-Made masterbatch and Customized masterbatch.

Biodegradable Plastic extruder

Biodegradable Plastic

To protect the environment, biodegradable plastic is an irresistible trend. Jinwo Machinery is specialist for complete extrusion lines for bioplastics, and can provide entire plant for bio plastics extrusion & compounding.

Engineering-Plastic extruder

Engineering Plastic

Engineering plastic is sensitive to overheating and hydrolytic degradation. Our twin screw plastic compounding extruder line is mainly used for making engineering plastic pellets such as fire resistance, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc.

Filler Masterbatch extruder

Filler Masterbatch

Jinwo machinery provides advanced pelletizing line for various kinds of filler masterbatch, which is concentrates of CaCo3 or Talc or BaSo4 in a polymer base. We can desigh the twin screw extrusion line according to the customer requirement.


TPV Thermoplastic Elastomers

TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) is made of polymer (PP/PE/PS) and rubber (EPDM, NBR, SEBS, ACM, etc ) with oil, plasticizer, additives, etc. TPV compounding needs a two-step process.

PET-Flakes-Recycling extruder

PET Flakes Recycling

If you need recycle PET flakes (clean) , we can process all these recycled materials into granules and won’t change the materials raw function. 

Types of twin screw extruder

The feature of JWP twin screw extruder

High Accuracy

All the core components of JWP series twin screw extruder machine, including shaft, screw element, barrel, etc. are manufactured in our own processing base. That will guarantee reliable stability and less machine fault.

Flexible Combination

According to the needs of material processing, many screw elements are combined by building blocks, and through optimization design, they can be suitable for the processing of many process formula materials.

More Options

Jinwo Machinery can provide customized service. As to the twin screw extruders produced by our factory, the customer can choose domestic or imported components, such as gearbox, bearing, inverter, etc.

Parameter of twin screw extruder

Model Diameter (mm) L/D Speed (rmp) Motor (kw) Output (kg/h)
JWP-40 41 28-64 600 30 50-120
JWP-50 50.5 28-64 500/600 55/75 150-180
JWP-65 62.4 28-64 500/600 90/110 200-400
JWP-75 71 28-64 500/600 132/160 330-660
JWP-95 93 28-64 500/600 315/355 750-1580
JWP-135 133 28-64 400/500 550/750 2200-3800


We are a factory with 16 years experince, and we can take a video call with foregin customer to show our factory at any time!

1 year. If the twin screw extruder goes wrong, please contact us! We provide all-life service.

Of course, we can dispatch our engineers, but a part of travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Sure, our enginners with more than 20 years experience will design the whole line for you.

Jinwo machinery is in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. If you want to visit us, please let us know in advance, and we will pick you up.

Of course, and you can take raw material to test our extruder machine.

Cooperation Case

Twin Screw Extruder

Country: Canada

Model: JWP-75

Pelletizing Method: Water Strand Pelletizing System

Twin Screw Extruder

Country: China

Model: JWP-135

Application: Textile

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