The two stage extruder

Just as its name implies, consists of two extruders. It can be combined in many ways, use Jinwo as an example, our double stage extrusion line has two models: twin screw extruder+ sinlge screw extruder, and sinlge screw extruder+ twin screw co-rotating extruder. This two-stage compound extrusion system combines twin screw strong mixing, high speed with single screw low temperature, better stabilization characteristics to enhance advantages.

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The application of the two stage extruder

High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

Heat-sensitive Materials

such as PVC cable material, XLPE peroxide crosslinking material, PE low smoke halogen free resistance fuel, etc.

High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

Carbon Black Masterbatch

If the carbon black percentage is under 40%, then our two stage extrusion line can make good masterbatch. But if the percentage is over 40%, kneader + single screw extruder will be better.

Types of laboratory twin screw extruder

two stage extruder

twin screw extruder

The feature of the two stage extruder

The parameter of the two stage extruder

Type Diameter (mm) L/D Speed (rmp) Motor (kw) Output (kg/h)
JWP50/SJ100 JWP-50 50.5 24-64 500 37/45 100-300
SJ-100 120 7-20 90 30/37
JWP65/SJ150 JWP-65 62.4 24-64 500 55/75 200-500
SJ-150 150 7-20 90 37/45
JWP75/SJ180 JWP-75 71 24-64 500 90/110 500-1000
SJ-180 180 7-20 90 44/55
JWP95/SJ200 JWP-95 93 24-64 500 200/250 700-1500
SJ-200 300 7-20 90 55/75


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Cooperation Case

Two Stage Extruder

Model: JWP65/SJ150

PelletizingMethod: Water Ring Pelletizing System

Application: Cable Material Compounding

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