Water-ring Pelletizing System

Water-ring pelletizing system (also known as hot die face pelletizing), is applicable to most products filled or unfilled thermoplastic materials.

The plastic melt coming from the extruder die will be cut by high-speed rotating blades and the plastic pellets are shaken off; after which the pellets are cooled and carried off by circulating water film to the water circulation room. Using this flushing channel of the water ring pelletizing system to transport plastic pellets to the centrifugal extractor can not only prevent adhesion of the plastic pellets but also act as a cooling process. The final granule looks nicer and has good flowability.

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The Components of Water-ring Pelletizing System

Water Ring Pelletizing System

The Advantage of Water-ring Pelletizing System

The Application of Water-ring Pelletizing System

  • PE, EVA etc. Filled with CaCO3, talc, TiO2, carbon black etc
  • Cable sheath, cable insulation compounds of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, or MDPE
  • Radiation-crosslinkable, heat-shrinkable cable compounds
  • PPR pipe compounds, PE compounds for crosslinked pipes
  • TPR, TPU, TPV thermoplastic elastomers; EVA and hot-melt adhesives
  • Color concentrates of PE, ABS, PS, EVA, etc
  • Flame retardant masterbatches of ABS, EVA etc
  • Masterbatches with PE, PP, PS etc as carriers for degradation applications

Cooperation Case

Water Ring Pelletizing System

Model: JWP-65

Pelletizing Method: Water ring pelletizing System

Materiak: TPE Lawn Material

twin screw extruder

Model: JWP-65D

Pelletizing Method: Water ring pelletizing System

Materiak: CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch

twin screw extruder supplier

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