what are components of plastic extruder

Plastic extruder machine is more and more popular in the world which can be used to recycle and modify plastic products. And today we are going to talk about the following points of this equipment.

1. What are the applications of the plastic extruder machine?

2. What are the components of the plastic extruder machine?

  • Single screw extrusion line
  • Twin screw extrusion line
  • Double stage extrusion line

3. How does a plastic extruder machine work?

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What are the applications of the plastic extruder machine?

As we all know, there are a lot of dies can be used in the extrusion line which decide the application of the plasitc extruder machine.

  • Compounding

Compounding plastic extrusion line is used to produce plastic componds by mixing one or more polymers with additives. The final product is usually in pellet form.

  • Sheet/ Film

The extruder machine used to produce sheet or film has two types of dies: T-shaped and coat hanger.

  • Blown film

If the extusion line is used to product this product, then three main types of dies will be used  annular (or crosshead), spider, and spiral.

  • Tube/ Pipe

The die is similar to that in blown film extrusion.

What are the components of the plastic extruder machine?

  • Single screw extrusion line

In the picture, we can have a rough idea of the structure of a sinlge screw extruder machine which is composed of gearbox, hopper, barrel, a screw, heaters, cooling fans and die.

Actually, we can aslo divide the single screw extruder machine into 3 parts.

  1. Transmission System

This system is usually composed of a gearbox, a drive motor, and a bearing. The function of this part is mainly to drive the screw and supply the torque and torque required by the screw in the extrusion process.

2. Extrusion System

This system is made of hopper, barrel and a screw. In this part, the polymer materials will be melted and plasticized and realize the transition from soild state to liquid.

3. Heating and Cooling System

This system decides the success of the whole production process which consists of a heating device and a cooling device.

  • Twin screw extrusion line

The componets of twin screw extrusion line are similar to single screw extruder. The only difference is twin screw machine has two screws, just like its name. Therefore, twin screw plastic extruder machine has a higher output and higher price.

  • Two stage extrusion line

Two stage extrusion line is a combination of two separate screws extruders and works in tandem. The following is the combination.

  1. Twin screw extruder machine+ Single screwextruder machine
  2. Single screw extruder machine+ Single screw extruder machine
  3. Single screw extruder machine+ Twin screw extruder machine

Two stage extrusion line combines the high speed and nice mixed of twin screw and high stability of single screw. Therefore, it is ideal for compounding of heat-sensitive and shear-sensitive materials, such as PVC cable, carbon black masterbatch, wood-plastic blending material, etc.


How does a plastic extruder machine work?

Firstly, we need to fill the hopper of the plastic extruder with solid raw material which can be  pellet, flakes, podwer, etc. Then they will be fed through the feedthroat and into the equipment barrel.

Once the material enters the barrel, the solid raw material will be heated via at least three heat zones that gradually increase the temperature of the barrel. Overheating can cause the degradation in the polymer. Then, the material will be simultaneously pushed towards the die end of the barrel by a reciprocating screw, which is driven by a drive motor. And, The die will give give the final product its profile and shape. The design of the die must ensure that the molten plastic flows evenly to avoid unwanted stresses which can cause warping upon cooling.

When the molten plastic through the die, the cooling system will work. The material will be cooled in a water bath or via a set of cooling rolls, causing it to solidify.

In summary, the plastic extruder machine is a very mature equipment in the plastic industry.

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