what is high torque plastic extruder machine

What does “torque” mean in plastic extruder machine?

It has been serveral years since the first high-speed, high-torque twin-screw plastic extruder launched at the K ’95 show in Germany. The new kind of compounder offered at least one-third more output than the same size traditional co-rotating twin-screw. Then virtually every manufacturer of co-rotating twin-screw extruders has followed suit with its own models of higher-torque, higher-speed equipments. If you are thinking of purchasing one of the new ‘high-torque/high-speed’ twin-screw plastic extruder machine to raise the output without going to a larger equipment, you better know what is torque because this part will influence your cost. Torque is basically twisting force, measured in Newton-meters (Nm) or ft-lb. Vendors use the following formulas to describe the torque of plastic extruder machine.

  • Torque = hp times a constant (9550 for Nm or 5250 for ft-lb), divided by rpm.
  • hp = torque times rpm divided by 9950 or 5250.

What is high torque plastic extruder machine?

High torque twin screw extruders are among the one of the best-performing extruders available on the market, and the feature that distinguishes high torque compounder from the competition is that it can be used for a variety of applications, including engineering plastic.

Due to high-speed of 1200 rpm and torque of up to 15 Nm/cm3, high torque plastic extruder has proven to be a game-changer. Thus, Jinwo high torque twin screw extruders ensures that the most efficient performance was achieved in the process of production. Our high torque twin screw extruders have a lot of extra advantages, like a great price/performance ratio, a big energy saver, and more.

When it comes to the benefits of high torque twin screw plastic extruders, the first thing that comes to mind is higher speed, higher output, lower cost, which increases endurance. Additionally, if a problem occurs, it will be resolved quickly because of our unique design capability, which will increase the capacity of output greatly.

What are applications of high torque plastic extruder machine?


Since the appearance of high torque, high speed plastic compounder, more and more customers, it seems, are happy to get higher output from a smaller machine which is also easier to clean out. However, high-speed, high-torque operation isn’t ideal for all fillers and additives. For example, it is not suitable for shear-sensitive resins like high-performance nylons and LCPs. And, the same is true of heat-sensitive additives and very low-viscosity materials like reactive compounds or low-bulk-density materials like wood-filled or highly talc-filled mixtures. Then, what material can be used in high torque plastic compounder? The answer is filled polyolefins, ABS, most TP polyesters and glass-filled nylon 6 generally do well under high-torque, high-speed conditions.

Actually, ‘high-torque’ plastic extruder machines are really high-speed machines because allowable torque for a 1200-rpm equipment may be the same as for a 600-rpm equipment. The most important point is to design extruder speed and torque requirements for the application. As we all know, higher rpm means higher melt temperature and shear rates. However, lower rpm and higher torque may be better in many cases.


What are advantages of high torque plastic extruder machine?


  • The high torque twin screw extruder machine can further reduce production costs

If the high torque plastic extruder machine is ideal for your material, it will provide you with higher output than the same size traditional co-rotating twin-screw.

  • The high torque twin screw extruder machine is more convenient to maintain

The quality-assured high torque screw extruder machine will be designed with concern of maintenance issues. Its machine compartment can be opened directly and conveniently so that we can quickly detect the degree of wear of barrel liners, internal threaded elements, and other components. This design can greatly reduce the production stalls caused by the wear and tear of the machine in the factory. And it is also helpful to the improvement of the pre-mixing and later production efficiency of chemical enterprises.

  • The high torque twin screw extruder machine has a wide range of applications

The wide application range is also one of the outstanding advantages of high torque twin screw plastic extruder machine, which can realize the production of PE, PP, PVC and other plastic materials, while maintaining a very high production yield rate.

  • The high torque twin screw extruder can use D-type high-torque gearbox.

Compared to other normal gearboxes, the high-torque gearbox has enhanced torque and production capacity. The high-torque output is 1.5 times higher than the traditional model.

These benefits have become the strong competitiveness of high torque twin screw extruder machine in the market, that will greatly help the promotion and use of subsequent equipment and the realization of higher production efficiency for our customers. Today’s article is here, if you have any questions, welcome to contact us. Thanks for your reading.

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